Being a
Sophisticated Urbanite

Since 2013, Nick & Newton has been inching its way towards greatness. The lead designer, Asia J is guided and influenced by giving people the wild yet simplistic concepts that come from her mind. Nick & Newton strives to promote living your best life.  Being a true SU not only means having impeccable taste but being personable and willing to spread love/knowledge as you see fit. 

Quality Ingredients
Quantity in Giving
Spirit of Integrity

Our core values circle around Quality, Quantity, & Spirit. It is our mission to promote great vibes and provide a ray of sunshine in areas that may not be so bright. We provide these feelings and memories through the power of fashion.



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"Love More///Hate Less

Do More Today."

— Asia J

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Asia J., was born and raised in NY but currently resides in TX. Clothing has always been a major part of her life. TX has given the designer the ability to develop and evolve into something worth watching. Being driven and open to positive change is what keeps her and the brand going. She chooses to live her best life by believing and acting on her goals. She hopes to spread this positive and productive lifestyle to everyone she meets. Please continue to follow her on her artistic journey from wherever you are in the world.